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We are only one who give free website, dont take your PCI, Annual fee, Monthly minimum...

Tại sao phải sử dụng thẻ tín dụng của DPC: (ONLY VIETNAMESE MERCHANT)

⫸ Fee rẻ hơn hãng đang sử dụng  (đảm bảo 100%)

⫸ Chỉ 4 cent 1 lần kéo thẻ (VISA / MC / DS / AMEX)

⫸ Giấy miễn phí trọn đời…we buy on Amazon

⫸ Máy mới nhất, chip EMV

⫸ Tính tiền cho thợ
⫸ Hỗ trợ 24/24: Quên thêm tiền, hư hỏng, không lấy tiền

⫸ Chúng tôi giúp bạn có thêm khách tới tiệm hàng ngày:

Chúng tôi làm  Website  và quảng cáo Google, Facebook, Yelp … miễn phí cho riêng bạn!

⫸ Total fee  khoảng 1,4% -1,7%

⫸ Tặng 1 thiết bị di động để sao lưu khi mất điện …


Why should  you choose DPC ?

⫸ The fee chagre cheaper than your present  (at least 20 %)

⫸ Only 4 cent per transaction  (VISA/MC/DS/AMEX )

⫸  We buy rolls paper for your business life time


⫸  New terminal, EMV microchip

⫸  Wage Calculation
⫸  Support 24/24 : Forget add tip, trouble fix …..

⫸  We help you increase the number of customer every single day  :

We do  Website and advertisement on Google, Facebook, Yelp… $1,000.00-$2,000.00



Creditcard Services

Verifone VX 520 – Rugged and Powerful

Trusted by millions of merchants, the FREE VX 520 enables small businesses to accept all payment types, including EMV chip cards, magstripe cards and NFC payments. The slim design takes minimal counter space, features a receipt printer with a large payment roll, and has fast processing speeds due to a powerful processor and expandable memory. The VX 520 also accepts value-added payments such as gift and loyalty cards.

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POS Solutions

POS  gives you the tools you need to understand employee performance, business cycles, and inventory turn, so you can make smarter decisions.

Powerful and easy to use

  • Order-ahead features
  • Server or sales associate assignments
  • Combine or split held orders
Why Choose Me

Accurate Record Keeping

Always On Time

We’ll help you optimize your sales and trouble fix requests, while providing high-level strategy, support and execution on all things sales, copywriting, process implementation, and marketing. It's time to finally lighten the burden of your business. Oh, and I’ll save you that time and energy you’ve been missing, alway.

Hard Working

I’m here to teach you what you need to know, at a fraction of the cost of hiring or outsourcing for monthly assistance. My goal is to tailor our approach to your specific needs, and to send you off with knowledge that’ll feed your business, and your online strategy, forever.

24/7 Availability

Our caregivers are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We understand that your care needs and plans may shift over time, requiring you to obtain help overnight or at odd hours


What My Clients Say?

I’m really enjoying DPC, but the fee gets worse. They started charging more. I was not charging the customer because they start complaining so I told Directpayment to move me back to the old, .01 on processing deal. Other than that, I like it. Tony, one of their reps, talked me into getting the service and it was a good price and better than what I had. He’s been really helpful and anything I have a question with, I just give him a call and she takes care of the issues for me. It was a great experience and I am recommending people to Directpayment Consultants
Amanda Le
Perfect Nails and Spa's owner
There was another provider that we looked at and their fees were higher than what I wanted to pay. Then Directpayment came by, showed me stuff, and they were cheaper so I got them and I've been using them for four years now. I have the credit card system and they charge me $0.00 fo Annual fee. Everybody else was at $19 to $39 for the use of their machine or you had to buy them. Then I had .01% as my charge while most people are at 1% to 5%.
Henry Trinh
Venus Nails's Manager
I was working with a company prior that used Directpayment Consultants and was happy with their service. So, when we started our own business, I opted to use them as well. My experience with their customer service has been wonderful. We had a problem on the weekend with some gift cards and all I did was I had to pick up the phone and call on the weekend. Somebody called me back to access the machine and got it fixed. The service was phenomenal and there were numerous incidents like that. We have been working with Directpayment Consultants for 10 years now and I find them to be extremely valuable to our company.
Trang Le
Happy Nails's Owner

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